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All The Ways You Let Me Down is out 6/10 on Bridge 9/Violently Happy Records! Preorder here:

Vans Warped Tour Announces 5 More Bands! Candy Hearts, I Killed The Prom Queen & More

It's Wednesday which means it's that time of the week when Vans Warped Tour announces more bands! Yay, yay, yay! This week, the following bands have…
Mariel Loveland
Mariel Loveland Jan 14, 2015

Wear Your Texts On Your Sleeve: 32 Emoji-Inspired Fashions

We use emojis every single day while texting our BFFs, but have you ever though of wearing your heart-shaped emojis on your sleeve? Check out…
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Mariel Loveland
Mariel Loveland Jan 12, 2015

The 12 Days of a Pop Punk Christmas [Video]

There's not really much for me to say about this parody song I stumbled upon in my Tumblr dashboard. Maybe it reaches me because I've…

Holiday Hair Inspiration: Green and Red Hair For Christmas!

With the holidays coming up, what better to get you in the spirit than some awesomely vibrant hair inspiration? I'm totally feeling some major Christmas…
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Mariel Loveland
Mariel Loveland Dec 18, 2014

Reasons Why I'm Tired: Living A Life In The Music Industry Without Photoshop

  For what it’s worth I don’t retire to our dressing room after a lackluster show and “cry sexism.” I don’t whine and lament that I…
Mariel Loveland
Mariel Loveland Dec 07, 2014

OOTD: Cardiff, UK!

Hello again! I am a bit late but back I rocked this outfit in Cardiff, UK on the Pop Punk's Not Dead Tour with New…

OOTD: Pop Punk's Not Dead Tour!

Hi guys! I'm out on the Pop Punk's Not Dead Tour in the UK. We recently played at the O2 academy in Leeds and this is…

Glamour Kills Tour OOTD: Tampa, FL!

The OOTD x Glamour Kills Tour continues! Today, I'm showing you my rad outfit I wore in Tampa! Tampa was a really cool venue, where I…

Glamour Kills Tour OOTD: Austin, TX!

Hi Guys! I've been out on the road for the last week heading over to meet up with the Glamour Kills tour! Tonight we played a…
Mariel Loveland
Mariel Loveland Oct 08, 2014

The Best Coffee In The U.S Of A!

nbsp; All of us in Candy Hearts are absolutely obsessed with coffee, so much so we even wrote a song about it. We have been all…
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Mariel Loveland
Mariel Loveland Sep 29, 2014

The 45 Best Things About Autumn

Yesterday was technically the first day of fall, and while I'm sweating my booty off in a 4th floor apartment, I can't help but think…
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Mariel Loveland
Mariel Loveland Sep 21, 2014

4 Tips For Pulling Off Body Chains

This past summer it seemed like everybody who's hot in Hollywood was wearing body chains. Celebs like Kate Hudson, Rhianna and Vannessa Hudgens all stepped…
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Mariel Loveland
Mariel Loveland Sep 09, 2014
Candy Hearts Shares Their Crazy Tour Storyvid

Candy Hearts Shares Their Crazy Tour Story

We just posted a new episode of Crazy Tour Stories featuring the indie punk band, Candy Hearts (Violently Happy Records/Bridge 9 Records), shares their crazy stories…
Mariel Loveland
Mariel Loveland Aug 22, 2014 Originally by digitaltourbus

Daily Reminder: Look Up!

If there’s one thing you never get to experience in your life, let it be the tragic art of losing your sense of wonder. Never…

Candy Hearts Summer Tour Playlist!

Since we're out on tour, we've been doing a ton of driving! These are some of my favorite songs at the moment for driving with…

WATCH: Mariel Of Candy Hearts Shows Us How She Packs For Tour!

Reblogged from Candy Hearts Hey Buzznet! As you all know we are always on the road touring cities near you which means we basically have to live…
Mariel Loveland
Mariel Loveland Jul 07, 2014 Originally by candyhearts

Tiny Tattoo Ideas: 44 Small Tattoos That Make A Big Impact

I love tiny tattoos. I think they're an absolutely adorable way to commemorate something special in your life (or...just look cool). They're like little bumper…
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Mariel Loveland
Mariel Loveland Jun 19, 2014

Summer Fun Music Alert: Listen To Candy Hearts New LP!

What can you get for $5? A couple things from the dollar menu, an ice cream cone, a frappucino, a movie rental on demand (but…
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